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How to get to Tarapoto?

The most common is airway. At present the local airport, Guillermo del Castillo Paredes, has direct daily flights to Lima and Iquitos. Companies operating in Tarapoto are LAN Perú (www.lan.com) TACA (www.taca.com), Avianca (www.avianca.com), Peruvian Airlines (www.peruvian.pe) and Star Perú (www.starperu.com.pe).

If traveling by bus, there are direct departures from Lima and other cities from the coast. Some lines are operating to Tarapoto are Moviltours (www.moviltours.com.pe) or CIVA (www.civa.com.pe).

How's the weather?

The predominant weather is warm and humid. In Tarapoto, the average temperature hovers around 77 °F, and the higher could be around 89.6°F when the sun shines. The cooler season is from May to late August (for the famous San Juan “friajes” occur, with a minimum of 59°F for a few days) and the warmest September to January.

While rain can fall throughout the year, the rainy season covers the months January to May. Even in the rainy season is unusual not see the sun for more than two days.


A first tip is sun protection even on cloudy days, solar incidence is high and often give serious sunburn. As for insect-borne diseases, the incidence of malaria, dengue, yellow fever and others in Tarapoto and the surrounding area is extremely low. Anyway, if you want to be vaccinated, visit your nearest health center.

The place is ideal for children of all ages, who enjoy contact with nature and the many places where you can swim.


What should I bring?

We recommend bringing cool and comfortable clothes for walking through the jungle. A sports and grippy shoes for excursions, and sandals for water, as well as their swimwear. You should also wear a hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent.

It is always good to carry water or any liquid to rehydrate.If you require any specific medication remember to bring enough of it.


Tips for traveling around the area

For the movement in the city, the most widely used method is the motorcar. Always check the price before taking the ride. Local people can tell you about the indicative rate for the journey you will take. For travel outside the city, there is the option to rent a vehicle with or without driver or take a vehicle route or 'committee'.

It is preferable not make journeys at night. The roads are less crowded and any problem can become complicated in the absence of assistance.